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Almuñecar Wedding Cars

Premier has the best professionals of the sector to lead cars of luxury for the day of your wedding in Almuñecar. They are drivers with many years of experience. This service is highly defendant, because a wedding is one day very emphasized in the life from any person, and we want that all the details are covered in one so important day.

In the mayority of the cases, the couple who resorts to our company rents a vehicle only for them. Nevertheless, there are other situations in which of renting a car for weddings in Almuñecar it is possible to do the alternative with relatives or friends. 

Independently to the vehicle that it ends up by choosing, our services are in use very much as gift of wedding, because it allows to guard a special recollection of the day and saves many problems of transport. We will guard confidentiality during the whole process of contracting of the service!

One of the most important days in the life of a person is, undoubtedly the day of the wedding, moment characterized by the special care of every detail to achieve that the day is perfect. 


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Premier offers as car for weddings in Almuñecar a spectacular fleet of vehicles of high range: Mercedes Sedan, Mercedes V Class, Mercedes S Class, and two cars specially indicated for weddings; Ford Lincoln, a car equipped with the last technology and seats of leather that will do the delights of the lovers of the driving, undoubtedly, a vehicle for that to value the elegance and the class to the steering wheel; and, on the other hand, an exclusive Lincoln in the whole world, with a drapery of white leather and it cremates Silver Dawn of alone which 237 units were made worldwide, different each one to the other one.

Those who want to rent a car of luxury with private driver for weddings in Almuñecar can put in touch with us and we will communicate to them the different possibilities that we offer.

Premier wants to help to achieve that the day is really magic with his services, to that every time there resort more the persons who decide to marry in Almuñecar. 

For all of them we offer him our vehicles of high range to choose which of them will be the one that takes him to the altar on this so special day.

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