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We have been more than two decades in this sector, with private transport services with driver Almuñecar not only, but also for Granada, Cadiz, Almeria, Seville y Cordoba, among others.

Cars are key to a company like ours, hence we have a fleet of highly exclusive cars, luxury, high-end all. Who hire this limo rental service in the province of Almuñecar can find sedan, Mercedes S and V class and Lincoln. They have common characteristics and hallmarks of Premier, who are careful customer, paying careful in all that it needs and giving agile and quick response; absolute comfort thanks to enjoy our range of high class vehicles; absolute security, achieved thanks to the staff of highly qualified and experienced people as limo drivers in Almuñecar, and the characteristics and in this regard we rented cars specifications.


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The first thing we need is to know what the user needs: what requires rental car service in Almuñecar, what is the utility that will give you the car, for how many days you will need, etc. Taking clear all these details, our customer service team will expose all we can offer in terms of silt in Almuñecar, giving with that option is best for you in each case.

Would you like to have a magnificent luxury vehicle in the front door or the hotel where they will spend the holidays? You need to have at your disposal an exclusive car so you can transfer you personal and / or labor issues without drive, with a private chauffeur who perform this service? Premier offers limo service in Almuñecar with maximum guarantee of customer satisfaction, should only contact our company and inform you of the possible options.

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