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All cars own a public liability insurance for all customers, public liability for third parties insurance and roadside assistance for passengers and, vehicles also have all kind of licences and claims and complaint book at customer’s disposition if they so request it.

Bookings will not be confirmed until Premier send you an email with the appropriate confirmation.

Premier Company will charge a transfer from our garage (Malaga airport) to the pick up point when wedding, excursions or disposal services are required. Disposal time starts counting since we arrive to the pick up point and ends when finishing at the same point.

Kilometres in Malaga City and Province are unlimited witch are included in the rate per hour. Kilometres outside Malaga City or Province will be charged as shown in our prices list and depends of the vehicle you already required for the service.

Smoking into the cars is strictly forbidden.

Services include uniformed chauffeurs.

Premier Company will increase the final budget with a 15% if any other different language than Spanish is required.

Pick ups or drop off services in Gibraltar, Premier Company will do the appropriate service just until Gibraltar’s border; British laws does not permit Public Service Spanish cars to come into the city.

Cancellations made 12 hours before the service starts and “No Show” services Premier Company will charge the 100% of the amount.

If the customer decides to take another way of transportation from the airport, from the hotel or from his own property after contracting a service with our Company, Premier will charge the 100% of the service and money will not be refunded .

Several modifications such as flight numbers, arrival times and so on, made 12 hours before the service starts will be considered as a cancellation and a new booking and both services would be charged.

For all bookings, the Company will ask the customer 150 € as guarantee. This quantity will not be refunded under none circumstances.

In cases of non compliance of the payments that belong to services already made Premier will leads to the denial of future services, also services already confirmed before non payment situation.

In the event of children minor than 12 years old travelling and the customer does not carry his own booster or baby seat, Premier Company will not conclude the service because of the illegality and the service must be equally paid. Children who travel into our cars will be considered as one person and size does not matter at all, so maximum capacity into the car must be respected.

When pick ups in the airport, Premier Company offers the customer ½ an hour as courtesy since the airbus takes land; after this ½ an hour we start charging as waiting time 48 €/ h. for the Sedan, 53 € /h. for the Mercedes Viano,75 € /h. for the Lincoln, 100 € / h for the Stretch Limousine and Rolls Royce, by instalments of ½ an hour for all kind of cars.

When pick ups in the Hotel or your own Property, Premier Company offers the customer 15 minutes as courtesy waiting time; after that time we start charging 48 €/ h. for the Sedan, 53 € /h. for the Mercedes Viano,75 € /h. for the Lincoln, 100 € / h for the Stretch Limousine and Rolls Royce, by instalments of ½ an hour for all kind of cars.

When customer ask for different pick up points for the same service Premier Company will charge minimum service 1 hour.

Transfers with pick ups at the airport for different flights , customer ought to book more than one car; and Premier will charge waiting time between these different flights. The minimum time to charge will be 1 hour.

Customer must inform our Company if there is lot of luggage , because may be he would need another additional car with the appropriate charge.

Vehicles will not run through intractable roads or impossible access.

December, the 24 th and the 31 st services will have different prices than the rest of the year.

Official list could be modified by Head Office

These Conditions rescind other ones already published.

Claims must be done 15 days maximum from the ending date of the service that the customer claims for.

Price list does not include 10% vat, phone calls , Motorway costs.

The language services will request an increase of 15%.

For any doubt concerning the application of the contact to the grantors, they are submitted to Malaga’s Court, renouncing any jurisdiction that may correspond.